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The ensemble was first founded in 1986 and rose to a place among the top three most successful Hungarian dance clubs within three years. Ever since it ranks consistently each year as first, second or third.
The leader of the ensemble is Tibor Dalotti. The members all possess high levels of technical training and have outstanding individual achievements behind them at couples contests. The group achieved its first success in a television talent show in 1993, and gained instant widespread popularity.
The main profile of the Botafogo Dance Ensemble is Latin dance, in its competitive forms. With an unprecedented move, Botafogo was the first in the world to perform all-evening theatre shows based on Latin dance motives. By attracting capacity crowds every time, the ensemble has proven that the genre is eminently suitable for stage.
Botafogo’s individual style speaks to everyone, it is universally entertaining and enjoyed on an international scale, as evidenced by the video recordings and the photo gallery.

Our new theatrical performance


Premiered on 9th March 2014

Other theatrical shows: "Master and Zuriel", "Chess", "Aladdin", "Don Q"

Significant Professional Achievements

  • Premier show of "ROUGE" at National Dance Theatre, 9th March 2014
  • Premier of dance-drama "Master and Zuriel" at National Dance Theatre, 13th March 2012
  • 7th place on World Latin-american Formation Championship, Moscow 2010
  • World premier of "CHESS", dance show in two parts at Thalia Theatre, Budapest, 10th January 2009
  • World Champion 2008 and 2009 of show dance formation and European Champion 2008 of Visual Dance Formation
  • Three times Hungarian Champion 2008 in three different dance style.
  • European Champion 2007 of show dance formation
  • First show of "ALADDIN" danceplay at National Dance Theatre, 13th January 2006
  • Show dance World Champion 2005
  • European Champion of Visual Dance Formation in 2001 and 2004 as well! Our "B" team gets the silver medal on this Championship in 2001!
  • Bronze medal on the World Championship of Visual Dance Formation in 2004
  • Premier of danceplay "DON Q" at National Dance Theatre, 14th May 2003
  • First place on 71st Blackpool Dance Festival, British Open Championships in 1996
  • Silver medal on 74th and 78th Blackpool Dance Festival, British Open Championships in 1999, 2003 and 2004
  • Four times Hungarian Championship in latin formation dancing (1994, 1995, 1996, 2008)
  • Participation in the New Year  Interoperett Festival in 1994, 1996, 1998 and 2000
  • Sixth place in the World Championships of Formation Dances in 1993. The Botafogo Dance Ensemble was the first Hungarian formation team that qualified for the finals of the World Championships.
  • Performance at the 1991 Art of the Dance Gala Evening, as the first ballroom dance ensemble on the stage of the Budapest Opera House. Since then Botafogo received numerous invitations to perform at various events and concerts at this, the most prestigious of venues in Hungary, including  "Hungarian Stars of the Dance Gala Evening"  in 2000 and again in 2003.
  • Individual theatre shows, several times as part of the official programme of the Budapest Spring Festival
  • Hungarian Show Dance Formation Champion 1999., 2000., 2001.
  • Austrian Show Dance Formation Champion 2001.
  • Soloists Tibor Dudás and Viktória Jánosi were three times undefeated Amateur and Professional Hungarian Latin-dance Champions.
  • The Ensemble’s  dance couples won 52 places at the Hungarian National Championships in different classes and age groups.
  • Participation in the New Year  Interoperett Festival in 1994, 1996, 1998 and 2000, which were televised in 50 countries
  • Appearance in the "Jeux Sans Frontieres" TV programme, broadcasted all over the world
  • Appearance in shows and concerts with Richard Clayderman, Gibson Brothers, Boney M and Mel Jackson
  • Theatre shows all over in Hungary: Budapest, Szombathely, Sopron, Kecskemét, Szolnok, Vác, Miskolc, Szeged, Debrecen etc...
  • Participation in Latin Formation Championships in the most european countries (e.g.: Great-Britain, Germany, France, Netherland, Norway, Austria, Poland, Czech, Slovakia, Romania etc...
  • Invited guests to several Balls of Lichtenstein
  • Performances in the Republic of Dominica, 1996
  • Participation in numerous top-ranking television shows: e.g.: "Euroshow" (three times), "Lottoshow" (three times), "Friday 13" etc...
  • Appearances in numerous pop concerts: with Andrea Malek in Budapest Convention Centre, with Éva Csepregi in the Madach Theatre, with the Cotton Club Singers etc.

Professional Work

The leader of the ensemble is Tibor Dalotti, born on 11 May 1963. He graduated from the Budapest University of Technology with a Master’s degree in biology and chemical engineering. Concurrently he also completed a training course for ballroom dance instructors at  tertiary level. Until the age of 19 he had been dancing on the ice, and was selected into the national team. He is involved with ballroom dancing since he was 14. He is the choreographer of Botafogo and also of the six times Hungarian Champion Ködmön Dance Ensemble of Miskolc, and he was the chief-choreographer of all three series of the TV shows "Dance with the Stars" as well. He is invited to lecture as a professor at the Hungarian Dance Academy.

The Botafogo Dance Ensemble has two teams. The repertoire of the group comprises twenty-five works, most of them choreographed by Tibor Dalotti.

The Botafogo Dance Ensemble is available for hire and offers both individual full shows or short performances as a part of any programme. Our productions run from ten minutes to one and a half hours, according to the requirements. 
The touring group consists of 22 dancers and 2 leaders, and the team does not require additional or special transportation for props, sets or instruments.

We cherish all opportunities to perform and look forward to hearing from event producers and organizers.